ClaireChats the Podcast: Episode 7 - The Dangers of the Hustle

You work hard, you take on multiple projects, you've got goals, you're efficient with your time and energy. There's nothing wrong with that, right? There isn't anything wrong with hustling. In fact, hard work is often rewarded through successes of some kind, and real hustlers are rare gems that are cherished when found. But there are dangers to the hustle when it's all-consuming... when the successes or objects obtained become your sole purpose for your hustle. What does that success look like? Is it truly fulfilling? Is it worthwhile? Is it worth all your time, energy, and effort? In this episode of ClaireChats, I wanted to breakdown what it means to hustle, the intent of the hustle, success, and progress. We talk about how as Christians, real success looks different than how the world perceives it, and that no matter our circumstances, we can take action that yields progress, results, and a maturing of our faith.

Recourses talked about in this episode:

How Should a Christian View Success?

On Hustling

5 Mindsets That Differentiate Hustlers From The Rest Of The World

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