ClaireChats the Podcast: Episode 6 - The gods battling Over Your Heart

This episode of ClaireChats is inspired by Gods at War, a book by Kyle Idleman on the topic of false idols and gods that battle for our heart. Why is this an important topic? Because as Christians, and as humans, God wants our entire heart, he doesn't want to share it. Inevitably too, God is the only god that can fulfill the desires of our hearts and comfort us in (and help us overcome) our fears.  Yet we pursue other things - success, money, sex, entertainment, pleasure, relationships. We pursue these things because the world promises that these things, once obtained, will satisfy us. In this episode we breakdown how pleasure and fulfillment is fleeting when we pursue these things the our desires for their own sake, and how God is the only person who can offer us anything worthwhile.

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